An Open Letter To The Industry

IVONNE SANCHEZ BEAUTY, by some standards, is still a start-up and new to the beauty industry. Through the support of our clients, our partners, and our community you have raised us to where we are today. We're so thankful for this opportunity and to be a part of your beauty choices.

We pride ourselves on doing things different, but not for the sake of doing it different.  We aim to be an inclusive and safe place where all ethnic, sexual, and gender identities are free to practice their version of beauty.  We place safety as our top priority and hold ourselves to high standards. We work with everyone, without exclusion.

Innovation, education, and skill development are also critically important to us.  

Looking back on 3 years in the beauty industry we have seen so much. What stands out is the passion and commitment that our colleagues have, and how the public trusts us and includes us in their aesthetics goals and decisions. We are so fortunate to be here.

However, we have deep concerns over how the industry has been operating. Sadly, we have watched senior and experienced industry members excluding fellow colleagues from access to training, from access to products and access to collaboration.  While the industry does have a great sense of community there are still many examples of things gone wrong.  The formation and maintenance of "Pro" groups are poorly executed, and freely sharing of safety information is being suppressed.  The older generation of aestheticians and permanent makeup artists are operating in fear, uncertain of their future, while the incoming generation is bright, innovative and motivated.  Where senior professionals have enjoyed a long history of success they are reluctant to share their knowledge and invite others in.  This is a failure of the industry, it is unethical, and it abandons the future needs of your clients.  Some day your business will sell, close or be passed on, and the ability to service the clients of today will be impacted by these practices and these failures.

The outgoing generation of business owners has telling signs. Their workforce is glued together by some of the most stringent non-compete clauses that we have seen.  Non-competition clauses are limiting, not only to the economy but to the workers whose skills and opportunities will be stifled. Management and owners are scrambling to retain control over their workforce and using non-competes to keep them loyal.  In contrast, the next generation of beauty businesses incentivizes and empowers their workers, giving them opportunities, flexibility, and chances to grow.  Staying with a brand, especially in a decentralized market, is now only possible when there is good reason. We should not expect workers to stay out of fear.  Further, there is question about whether non-compete clauses are even enforceable. Employers seem to be including these as a scare tactic but without any confirmation of enforceability.  In many instances non-compete clauses that are too restrictive my not be upheld by the courts.  If you have signed a non-compete contract as a worker and you feel that you rights have been infringed upon, then we strongly encourage you to seek the legal advice of a lawyer.  If you are unable to afford one, then you may be eligible for financial support. Please contact us to discuss your options. 

Our challenge to the industry is to not compete on matters of safety or basic skills; to not coerce your workforce into loyalty, and to include colleagues in knowledge sharing and collaboration.  Our challenge to product manufacturers and importers is to file your Cosmetic Notification Forms so that we can all guarantee to our clients that your products are safe.

Incorporating information sharing, community building and changing worker retention strategies will benefit our clients, and by extension our industry.

If we don't do it - someone else will.

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