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Services and Prices

See why we’re an award-nominated clinic.

Professional Peels

Professional Microneedling

From $400.00


Eyebrow Tattoo

From $650.00

Microblading, Nano Brow, Powder or Ombre
  • Complimentary consultation.
  • Pre-draw and custom-formulated pigment selection.
  • Gorgeous, natural brows, lasting up to 18 months.

Eyeliner Tattoo

From $550.00

Lashline, Classic, or Winged
  • Complimentary consultation.
  • Custom-formulated pigment selection.
  • Defined, natural eyeliner emphasizing your beautiful eyes.

Lip Tattoo

From $650.00

Contour, Blush
  • Complimentary consultation.
  • Custom-formulated pigment selection.
  • Beautiful natural lips, with a smooth, natural and even colour.

Camouflage Tattoo

From $1,900

Some key features
  • Complimentary Virtual Consultation

  • Colour swatch testing available
  • Ideal for scars, stretch marks, and Vitiligo

All Services Include

*All Appointments Require A Non-refundable Appointment Confirmation Fee

  • High-Quality Pigments

    Our pigments are carefully sourced from only the safest world-class laboratories with the highest compliance standards.

  • Aftercare For Sale

    We have researched the most effective aftercare balms and cleansing toners specifically designed with your skin in mind. Save yourself the trouble and purchase yours on checkout.

  • Custom Pre/Aftercare Guide

    IVONNE has developed its own proprietary precare and aftercare guide matched specifically to your service and lifestyle. We understand what medications, lifestyle factors, and habits lead to the best outcomes.

  • Complimentary Skincare

    We've partnered with the best skincare brands in Canada, bringing you clinical-grade products that promote glowing skin, and support pigment retention. Ask for your free samples and a skincare consultation.

  • No-Hassle Appointment Changes Up to 48 Hours Before

    With direct access to our calendar you'll be able to self-manage all appointment changes easily through links in your confirmation email.

  • Always On Support

    We're always here to support you through the entire process from research to aftercare, and beyond. 

Price Guarantees On Official Quotes

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions here.

Can I Reuse My Deposit?

Yes. Your Appointment Confirmation Fee ("deposit") can be applied towards the purchase of any other services or in-clinic products subject to our policies.

What Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

IVONNE accepts all major credit cards, including VIA, Mastercard, and even American Express.

We also accept wire transfer, Interac e-transfer, and Paypal.

We accept cash payments but please be advised that we cannot issue change in cash format. See our Payment Policy for more details. Commercial training opportunities are also available.

Do You Offer Training?

Yes, at IVONNE we believe that it is our responsibility to train the next generation of dermapigmentists. Through IVONNE BEAUTY LIVE we offer opportunities for certification through Beauty Angels Academy International in our semi-annual training offering. Find out more on academy.ivonnesanchez.com. Commercial training opportunities are also available.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

Yes! All potential clients may request a free virtual consultation (or in-clinic consultation for a small fee) to learn more about their treatment options.

Don't wait another second. Schedule your free virtual consultation right now using the buttons on this page.