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How can we work together?

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty is committed to collaborating with all members of indigenous communities, and we strongly encourage potential employees, contractors, students, suppliers, and anyone with a voice to reach out to us so that we can find ways to work together.

We have some big goals and the purpose of this page is to help us reach them together.





We would like to:

Photo: Ivonne Sanchez with indigenous students.

Challenges and Solutions

There are large gaps, and limitations on what indigenous people can do when it comes to starting their own business.

We understand that there are strong headwinds that must be overcome or circumvented in order for indigenous people to find success in business.

1) Property ownership and asset evaluation is not a relevant factor to determine credit worthiness making lending processes irrelevant and out of reach. Many lending tools and financing options do not sufficiently meet the realties of working with indigenous people.

2) There are many default stereotypes that prevent businesses from working with indigenous sources.

We feel that these obstacles can be overcome.  So, how can we increase the amounts of goods and services that are being sourced from indigenous people?

1. Improving access to capital through private investment and other means.

2.  Strategies for autonomous entrepreneurs

The good news is that beauty and aesthetic services have a strong element in client acquisition: Direct access to clients through online and offline channels. Social media, like Instagram has democratized the economy, and this means that indigenous people can find and mature their own client leads provided that there is sufficient education and support in place to do so. 

What We Can Do Together?

  • Skill Training In Permanent Makeup, Microblading, Lash Extensions and more!

  • Help us find local Permanent Makeup pigments using natural safe resources.

  • Work with us!

  • Donate or fund an indigenous beauty startup!

Holly Ward - Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

(Nehiyawak | Metis)

Angelica O'Neil

Sales & Client Coordinator, Ivonne Sanchez Beauty

(Mohawk | Alonguin | Irish) Laronde's of Algonquin Nation - Stoqua Family Line

Indigenous Permanent Makeup Training

Tattooing in North America has its roots in ancient traditions, and were practiced long before modern aesthetics.

Before colonialism spread across North America, traditional tattooing was used by different nations to express family lineage, clan crest, social rank, relationship to territory, hunting and fishing rights, and more.


Tattoos were used for more than just body signage. Tattooing and pigments were used for medicinal purposes, too. Some tattooing and pigments were even used to memorialize and honour ancestors who were wiped out in natural disasters.

There is a renewed interest and reemergence of indigenous cultural tattooing and this interest is causing many to consider other potential uses, including modern Permanent Makeup.

There now exists an opportunity for indigenous artists to combine their traditional tattoo practices with modern aesthetic processes. 

In our pillar page, we talk about how prevalent Permanent Makeup has become, and the opportunities are growing.


Permanent Makeup Tattoo isn't just for tattoo artists. It's for everyone who has a passion for beauty, and an eye for detail and creativity.

Our Student Successes

Lyneth Morgan

Ottawa's artist, Lyneth Morgan grew her artistic talents and expanded the medium to skincare and aesthetics. Lyneth experienced the brow and PMU course with Ivonne Sanchez Beauty and her permanent makeup has taken off. Check out her Instagram account for yourself!

Lyneth Morgan Microblading Student
Congress of Aboriginal Peoples.png

The Congress of Aboriginal Peoples provides assistance and funding for training and skills development to Aboriginal Peoples living off-reserve. Through the Indigenous Skills and Employment Training Program (ISETP), the program is designed to help Aboriginal Peoples prepare for, and find high-demand jobs that will help address Canada’s labour market challenges. Funded through Employment and Social Development Canada, the Congress’ employment programs and services provide Aboriginal Peoples the opportunity to gain the skills required to find employment and fill job gaps in sectors experiencing skills and labour shortages. The ISETP program is targeted to Aboriginal Peoples living in urban, rural and remote areas throughout Canada. Those eligible to apply include Aboriginal youth, women, single parents, mature workers, persons with disabilities and those experiencing career change or transition.

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