Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner:

  • New Treatments From $450

  • Yearly Touch-Up $300

Is permanent eyeliner for you? Why would you get permanent eyeliner?

If you dislike having to draw it on every day, with crumbling pencils that smear, smudge and run, then this is for you.

If you struggle with drawing or seeing to draw well or find it difficult to get that perfect symmetry, then permanent eyeliner is definitely for you. If you like to work out, swim or work hard and not have to worry about checking in and reapplying make-up then permanent eyeliner is really for you!

"Can I still wear regular eyeliner makeup over my tattoo, if I wanted to?"

Of course! Maybe you've decided on a more traditional permanent eyeliner look, but its Friday night and you also want to rock the cat eye, so whip out that old liquid eyeliner and feel free to extend it!

Ultimately your new permanent eyeliner could last for years to come, with periodic touch-ups. The benefits are great, but really it's all about having fun and trying new makeup solutions that ultimately make your life easier!

If you're not sure what's involved, check out my before and aftercare.

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