AlumierMD Product Use Policy

IVONNE, Inc. ("IVONNE") is an authorized and trained provider of AlumierMD skincare products and services.

When purchasing AlumierMD products and services through IVONNE as clinic you agree to the following terms and conditions:

AlumierMD has its own unique Terms of Service on When you visit the website, or purchase products through you are also subject to the Terms of Service and Policies of the AlumierMD website. For more information, please visit

AlumierMD Products and Treatments

AlumierMD products and in-clinic treatments using AlumierMD products are subject to a consultation by a trained provider from IVONNE. By using the "shopping" and "buy now" links on our website you agree to first receive a consultation. You also agree to only purchase those products for which you have received a recommendation from IVONNE, and not purchase any other products. This includes purchasing same or similar products of a greater concentration. By scheduling AlumierMD appointments through you agree to only schedule appointments for which you have received a consultation.

By purchasing AlumierMD products you agree to purchase recommended products only for yourself and not share or gift products unless the recipient has received a consultation from IVONNE, and the products are in line with their recommended treatment plan.

AlumierMD Prescription Pad

By logging into where IVONNE is clinic you agree to purchase only those AlumierMD products that have been recommended to you as a result of a consultation with IVONNE, or which have been added to your client prescription pad.

You agree to use the AlumierMD products, together or individually only in accordance with the instructions in the prescription pad or according to the manufacturers recommendations. IVONNE accepts not responsibility for reactions including injury arising from use of AlumierMD products, namely from use outside the recommended or labelled protocols.

Intellectual Property

AlumierMD is a registered trademark of AlumierLabs. Any reference to AlumierMD, or any of its related trademarks are used under license.

Updated: February 24, 2022