Contest Policy

This policy explains the general rules that are applicable to contests run by, for, or in collaboration with IVONNE, INC. (IVONNE). The policy is both for contest collaborators (e.g. Influencers, Partners, and Brand Ambassadors); and also contest participants (e.g. the general public, followers, and clients). IVONNE, INC. cannot take responsibility for any contests that are non-compliant with the policies on our website, or for unlawful or unauthorized contests.


A contest is any promotional event, communication, or campaign where the authorized collaborator is promoting IVONNE through a giveaway or price drop on any of its related products or services. 

Is any (individual) natural person (not a corporation or legal entity) who participates in the contest and is in compliance with the rules and related policies.

Is any individual (natural person) or corporation or legal entity who hosts a contest and is in compliance with the rules and related policies. An authorized collaborator may market IVONNE either for monies, or in exchange for products and or services.


The following guidelines must be followed when participating in or promoting contests run by or for IVONNE, INC. These guidelines are designed to provide participants with open, transparent communication that clearly sets out responsibilities and manage expectations.

By participating in our contest you agree to use any products and or services at IVONNE according to the guidelines in your consultation, and/or in accordance with the instructions on the manufacturer label, and for no other purpose.

IVONNE accepts no responsibility for products that may be used without the proper consultation process, or for uses that are not clearly listed on the manufacturer label.


To participate in any contest related to products or services offered or sold through IVONNE potential participants must first be eligible to receive a service or product through a (virtual) consultation. IVONNE cannot accept any responsibility for participants who do not meet the criteria for products or services which can only be determined through a consultation.


The following guidelines must be followed when running contests in collaboration with IVONNE, INC. These guidelines are designed to provide participants with open, transparent communication that clearly sets out responsibilities and manage expectations.

All contests must comply with the prevailing regulations and with the manufacturer agreements and requirements.


All collaborators must disclose their compensation model when running contests for IVONNE. e.g. This contest is being run in exchange for free services and or products.

Authenticity in Endorsement

Contest collaborators are required to only endorse those products and services which they have tried themselves, and for which they can provide an open and honest opinion of.

Contest Instructions

All contests must clearly set out instructions on how to participate.


All contests must contain contest rules including:
Contest start date and time
Contest end date and time


Date and times must be displayed in the Canadian format or in a format that is easily recognized and understood by the audience and does not present any confusion.

Note About The difference between Eastern Standard Time (EST), Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), and Eastern Time (ET). 

Eastern Time is the geographical time zone in which Ottawa (and the Province of Ontario) is governed by. Eastern Time is a generic reference to the Eastern Time zone which for the purposes of this policy is generaly accepted as being -4 hours from Universal Time or Greenwhich Mean Time.

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) is a North American time zone in use from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November during Daylight Saving Time (DST). Eastern Standard Time (EST) is used during the remainder of the year.


All contests must clearly identify each product or service, its description, and size, as published on the IVONNE website, and its regular retail value.

All contests must clearly state the number of prizes to be won.


Contests are eligible to those residents in Ottawa, Ontario; and the Province of Ontario; and the Province of Quebec (unless limited or restricted by law). IVONNE reserves the right to prioritize contest awards to Ottawa residents first, and on a first-come-first-served basis.

Participants must be in compliance and good standing with IVONNE's policies on


Collaborators who promote, endorse, or otherwise represent any service or product offered by or through IVONNE are responsible for any comment left on its posts created on the Collaborator's social media channel. Collaborators will manage and administer any and all replies, correcting misinformation, leaving helpful responses, and deleting/reporting any comment meant to be disparaging to IVONNE, or for which the comment may be seen to cast IVONNE in bad light.


The contest start and end time must be published in any communication, and include the correct time zone.

: The contest must include language to specify and limit the quantity(ies) of any prizes.

Geographic Region: The contest must include geographic boundaries with an emphasis on residents of the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa-Gatineau Region, and or the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec, as applicable.

Winners and Announcements: The time and date for the announcement of winners and the manner in which winners are selected must be disclosed in the contest rules. The winner must be announced in accordance with the contest details and in accordance with the timeline provided in the contest.

Notices related to the contest must be delivered in the platform in which the contest is being run, while tagging @ivonneclinic.


Contest winner(s) are required to claim their prize within 6 months of the contest date, failing which the prize may be revoked, and or the product placed back into general inventory, without notice, and without any effect or obligation on IVONNE, INC.

Prizes have no cash value and cannot be redeemed, exchanged, substituted, transferred, or otherwise credited.


The following disclaimers must be displayed and are applicable to all contests:

Proof of purchase is not required.

IVONNE reserves the right to cancel, postpone, suspend or modify the contest and otherwise manage the contest according to the spirit of its purpose, for any reason, including legal or regulatory requirements, errors, civil unrest, social media activism, natural disaster, technical difficulties, or outages.

IVONNE reserves the right to limit quantities, terminate the offer, or make any corrections, and without notice.

There are always risks related to the use of any treatment or cosmetic product, and these are to be used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and under the consultation and advice of IVONNE. Please discuss the benefits and risks with your skincare/permanent makeup provider.

Results are never guaranteed.

All purchases and contest entrants are subject to the same policies and terms and conditions found on

By participating in this contest, you agree to abide by the social media policy, and other policies on, and hold IVONNE, its employees, directors, agents, suppliers, each and all of them harmless of any claim, liability, or wrongdoing, both in the participation of the contest, and through receiving services or products.

This contest policy must be referenced in your contest.

Use of Trademarks, Brands and Logos:

All contests using trademarks of brands must include the following:
_________ and _______ are registered trademarks of <insert respective trademark entity here>.

This Contest Policy survives the completion, expiry, or cancellation of any contest.

By collaborating or participating in contests involving IVONNE you agree to comply with other policies on our website including the Social Media Policy.

Breach of Policy

Any knowledge by IVONNE of a breach of this policy is not a waiver of any breach.

Updated: August 23, 2022
August 23, 2022 Update - Included eligibility criteria
September 8, 2022 - Updated Collaborator's responsibilities

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