IVONNE™ Dispute Resolution Policy

Terms and Conditions

The provisions in our Dispute Resolution Policy are in addition to your rights as a consumer.


You are beginning a dispute for a treatment or product received through IVONNE - what's next? We want you to understand (and it is in your best interest to know) what the terms are, the limitations, your obligations and responsibilities. Please take the time to read through this Dispute Resolution Policy before you make an appointment or begin any dispute process. Bolded and italicized  terms are defined in this agreement.


This Policy sets forth the terms under which you may dispute charges, penalties, performance, or purchases, of services and/or products from or through IVONNE, INC. (“IVONNE™”), all as defined below. This Agreement applies if you schedule any appointment, obtain products or receive services directly from IVONNE™ or through an IVONNE™ supplier, employee, or contractor. All Services and Products will be identified in the original appointment confirmation or invoice. If you receive services or products from IVONNE™ in a model call, educational setting, influencer or partner arrangement, a complimentary service or product, this agreement governs that use.

IVONNE™ Terms and Conditions are outlined below.

Information Collection

All information is collected by IVONNE™ pursuant to O. Reg. 136/18: PERSONAL SERVICE SETTINGS and The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA“).


(a) “Client” means any individual, natural person, who receives, schedules, or plans to receive or purchases any service or product from IVONNE™.

(b) "Dispute Resolution" (DR) is the term used to describe a variety of ways of dealing with disputes, including the option of going to court.

(c) "Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)," refers to resolving disputes in ways other than going to court. 

(b) “Service” means any service available and listed in the scheduling system at IVONNE™.

(c) “Product” means any skincare, self care, or cosmetic product available for purchase on the IVONNE™ website or in clinic, or through any of its suppliers or their websites.

(d) “You”, and "your" refer to you the client - the person registered in the appointment scheduling system, or the person listed in the purchase receipt or invoice.

(e) “We”, “Us”, or "Our" refer to IVONNE, INC. ("IVONNE™")and any services provided by us, partners, agents, or suppliers.

(f) “Estimate” means an official communication sent by us with an outline of anticipated costs to perform any requested service or work that relates to a specific client.

(g) “Quote” means an official communication sent by us with an outline of anticipated costs to perform any requested service or work that relates to a specific client.

(h) “Virtual Consult/Consultation” means an appointment that has been conducted not in person, and through a video or telephone call.

(i) “Appointment” means a scheduled service and time logged in our scheduling system.

(j) “Follow-Up/Touch-Up” means a future appointment that comes after any initial service received in connection with the nature of the original service.

(k) “Off-Label Use” means the use of any product, including natural health product or (non) prescription drug for an unapproved indication, or an unapproved age group, dosage, or route of administration.

(l) “Permanent Makeup” means any form of cosmetic tattoo treatments, namely Microblading, Nano Brows, Eyeliner Tattoo, Lip Tattoo, Freckle Tattoo, Beauty Mark Tattoo

(m) “Waivers” means any consent form in which the client is waiving and/or consenting to receive products or services.


Should you have a complaint or dispute about any service or product receive through IVONNE please email the details of your request, including any supporting evidence to reception@ivonnesanchez.com.

If you disagree with the solution offered by Us then you have dispute resolution processes available to you. IVONNE works with third parties such as the Better Business Bureau to facilitate any dispute resolution processes.

For more information on Dispute Resolution and options available to you please refer to the following resources:

Government of Canada "Resolving Disputes - Think About Your Options"
BBB "Dispute Handling and Resolution"


Only those persons entities who have a direct relationship with IVONNE (have received a treatment, purchased a product directly through our clinic are eligible for dispute resolution processes. IVONNE cannot negotiate with anyone other than a client or appointed agent.

IVONNE only enters into dispute resolution over the application of its existing policies. IVONNE does not offer dispute resolution after the fact should a client disagree with one of our policies after they have already agreed to them by scheduling an appointment or using a product.


Contact Information About This Policy

For any questions or complaints in relation to this agreement or any product or service purchase, you may contact IVONNE™ in writing at the following address:

0116-320 Queen Street, Ottawa ON K1R 5A3

or by email at:

Or by phone at:
(613) 695-6662

Created: September 2022