Instagram Close Friends Policy

IVONNE, Inc. (“IVONNE”) uses Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature to share exclusive, private, time-sensitive or time-limited content with active clients of its clinic. Content available in “Close Friends” may include, but is not limited to: detailed skincare tips, permanent makeup advice, beauty tips, promotions, offers, product and service reviews, news, travel, recipes, hobbies, fashion advice, fitness and daily life in blog or video format. All content published by IVONNE on social media is for entertainment purposes only. The views expressed in social media content are of Ivonne Sanchez and IVONNE, Inc. alone and may not represent the views of any of IVONNE’s suppliers, partners, agents, employees, contractors, landlords, or clients.

By requesting and using access to IVONNE’s Close Friends list and related content you agree to the following:


Close Friends is an account level feature of the Instagram social media platform that allows Instagram account holders the ability to share and restrict content to a select list of Instagram accounts.

Close Friends List is a list of eligible clients who actively subscribe or belong to the Close Friends list of the @ivonneclinic Instagram account.

Close Friend is an Instagram account holder who is an eligible client of IVONNE with active purchases within the last 12 months.

Close Friends Content is any photo, video, text or messages published by the @ivonneclinic Instagram account to its Close Friends list members.


Access to and membership of IVONNE’s Close Friends list has no fees nor does membership to this list access have any monetary value.

Limitations and Eligiblity

Close Friends list membership is reserved exclusively for clients of IVONNE’s Instagram account @ivonneclinic. Clients are eligible for Close Friends list membership who have completed either of the following transaction types within the previous 12 month period:
a) Purchased and received any of the in-clinic services offered on our website; or
b) Purchased and kept any skincare products through the AlumierMD client portal where IVONNE is the clinic of record.; and

Who have an Instagram account that is owned and managed by themselves and connected to their email address on file. Access to @ivonneclinic’s Close Friends list is not transferrable or accessible to third parties including friends, family members, or colleagues; and

Those clients who are in compliance with all other Policies, and Terms and Conditions found on

IVONNE offers the Close Friends content access as-is and reserves the right (but not obligation) to cancel, revoke, or remove any content from Close Friends’ visibility at its discretion without any obligation to repost and without notice. IVONNE reserves the right to remove any Instagram account from its Close Friends list. IVONNE reserves the right to choose what Close Friends content is ephemeral, and what Close Friends content may be pinned to the Highlights bubble.

Posts, Stories, Reels, Videos, Images and text (“Content”) shared via Close Friends is subject to the IVONNE Social Media Use Policy.

All content for Close Friends shall only be published to the Close Friends list in Instagram and IVONNE has no obligation to reproduce or syndicate any content through any other platform. Most content will be limited to Story format.

IVONNE reserves the right not to publish content to the Close Friends list and makes no guarantees about the frequency, volume, quality or accuracy of content shared to the Close Friend list.

All rights are reserved.

Members of the Close Friends list are subject to Instagram’s own Policies and Terms of Use.


All content shared by IVONNE to Close Friends is reserved for active clients only who choose to subscribe. As a member of the Close Friends list you agree not to share, repost, copy, or redistribute any of the content, in whole or in part with any third party. You further agree that the content available to you through Close Friends is private and confidential and should not be disclosed to any person or entity.

The confidentiality of Close Friends content shall survive the expiry or termination of access to Close Friends list membership. 


IVONNE takes all reasonable measures to protect the privacy of its client and social media followers. Notwithstanding, by participating in IVONNE’s Close Friends list you acknowledge that your account or Close Friends List membership may be known, or come to be known by other Instagram accounts, including readers, followers, or Close Friends list members, either directly or indirectly through IVONNE’s posting or reposting of screenshots or content shared to the Close Friend list or to the general public. Otherwise Close Friends list members and their information is not sold or shared with any other entity or person.

By requesting access to the Close Friends list you agree that IVONNE can publish Close Friends content to your stories feed, send you direct messages, and otherwise communicate with you about services, topics, and products listed throughout this policy.


Members of @ivonneclinic’s Close Friends list may access Close Friends content through their Instagram stories feed, and/or through the ‘Close Friends’ highlight bubble in the @ivonneclinic profile (if available).


To subscribe to Close Friends content eligible Instagram users with completed service appointments or product sales may request via Direct Message to be added to the list by submitting their email address and request directly to the Instagram account @ivonneclinic. Alternatively, clients who complete the intake form upon scheduling in the online appointment system can also request access to Close Friends by including their Instagram account name, and opting into the membership. Please allow up to 7 days after completion of any transaction to receive access. IVONNE is not responsible for any accidental additions or deletions to its Close Friends list.

Unsubscribing/Cancelling Close Friends List Access

To be removed from Close Friends please direct message IVONNE on Instagram @ivonneclinic requesting removal. Alternately you may email with your Instagram account name requesting to be removed from Close Friends.

Expiry of Close Friends

Eligibility for Close Friends content expires 12 months from the last date of purchase of products or services from IVONNE. Expiration will take effect at 11:59PM December 31st in the calendar year following the last purchase or service. Expiration may or may not be automatic and may not be subject to notice.

See Social Media Use Policy for additional details.

Created: October 24, 2021