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At Ivonne Sanchez Beauty we pride ourselves on curating some of the best products in the fashion and beauty industry. Our clients are discerning consumers made up of professionals and students from among the top legal, financial, and government institutions in Ottawa. Our shoppers are among the most informed and well educated.

The decision in to include a new product or service into our brand is the result of much research and consideration. We look at such factors as:


All of our cosmetic products must meet the safety requirements as set out by Health Canada. This means that we cannot accept any cosmetic or drug product that does not have a Health Canada issued Cosmetic Notification Form number, or a Drug Identification Number.

All cosmetics must have a notification form number. If your product does not have a Notification Form number then we strongly encourage you to get one by following the process in the link here. Products that do not pass the requirements are not eligible for sale at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty. Similarily, if your device is classified as a medical device it must be registered and licensed for use in Canada BEFORE we can purchase or sell it.

Ivonne Sanchez Beauty will only purchase, use, or sell cosmetics and devices if their registration can be confirmed as active and in compliance with Health Canada.



There are many products out there, and it can be difficult to choose what to offer our clients in a small space. We adopt products from brands that are forward thinking, socially, environmentally and ethically conscious and are making an impression in the Canadian market.


Our clients trust our good taste, and they want to know that products and services at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty are relevant. We aim to choose products and services that will resonate with our community when they're brought up in discussion.  Cosmetics and fashion should be at the bleeding edge of skincare and "runway science."  The introduction of your brand and products should leave a refreshing and provoking feeling among our clients.


As with all relationships it is important to reciprocate our support for our respective brands. Our social media and digital posture is to mention, tag, blog, and create content about the brands that we sell. Importantly, we want our suppliers to also raise awareness about Ivonne Sanchez Beauty with a blog, information page, and backlink to our website. This helps the consumer as they journey between our respective digital assets, and it helps affirm how we work together. This authentic and engaging approach to digital collaboration is increasingly critical and is a requirement in working together.

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