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Are you an aesthetician, banging out microblading, awesome nails, killer lashes? Are you a beauty ninja who is master of waxing, skincare or a permanent makeup artist?  Servicing your clients is an important part of your success. Giving them access to a full-serviced platform is a full-time job all by itself.

Consider bringing your beauty startup to an established brand and location on Sparks Street!

At Ivonne Sanchez Beauty you'll have access to:

1. A secure environment with 24 hour security. Security cameras with real-time reporting and data history.
2. A sophisticated booking and client management system with the ability to:
Book your clients from anywhere and a mobile app!

Receive SMS and e-mail alerts when clients book, are late or check-in.

3. A large business marketing platform. Our digital online presence and marketing infrastructure is among the most advanced in the area. You'll have access to ISB brand copies, service copies and resources to help build your marketing strategy.

4. Online electronic waiver system

5. Reception services during reception hours.

6. 24-hour access to premises with the option to book clients any time

7. High-end brand skincare and products to offer your clients

8. A custom client-facing page with a bio and photo of you!

9. Training platform

10. One of Ottawa's most beautiful streets with professional and government client prospects attracting major festivals and events. Our block is serviced by two BIAs who all promote and focus on economic growth in our neighbourhood. 

11. A fun environment where our team works and plays hard.

What your clients will love:

1. Online booking abilities

2. Email and SMS appointment reminders with options to confirm

3. IVONNE Rewards, a loyalty program that rewards clients for products and purchases

4. A content rich website complete with information, ebooks, FAQs, aftercare and more!

5. Onsite reception to check-in clients, answer all of their questions or assist with bookings

6. Service memberships e.g. Lash Memberships with competitive pricing and easy to budget beauty planning.

7. Our range of excellent aesthetic services. We aim to be the best in skincare, permanent makeup, microblading, nano-brows and nail art.

8. Complimentary wi-fi

Keep your brand! We know that the clients you choose do so for the personality and uniqueness of you! We can accommodate your existing branding in our client-facing communication.

Why Should I Rent a Chair or Bed From A Beauty Salon?


Renting a space in an existing Beauty Salon is a great way to test the entrepreneurial waters. Before investing in commercial space get a taste for beauty industry in a rental.

Launching a commercial operation requires extensive research, including a business plan, financing and establishing a network of relationships with suppliers and vendors. A fit-up cost can also be prohibitive. Renting from an existing beauty salon is a great way to get started while your business grows. Renting a "spot" in a beauty salon usually means that you'll have access to much more than a single chair. Instead you will be able to choose from a range of private rooms, tables and other resources.

As well, renting a spot at an existing salon means access to support! Your colleagues, reception and brand owners can assist with ensuring a high quality client experience. Your clients will also have access to a range of services beyond what you alone may be able to offer.

You'll also have access to other training resources such as vendor lead training for both skills and sales.

Joining a professional salon will allow you to move from your basement, home studio or that loft and into a full-featured and fully serviced environment.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent a Chair From A Beauty Salon?

The cost of chair rentals at beauty salons vary and depend on a number of factors, including location, building rent, and services. Building rent is usually by the square foot on an annual basis and may or may not include rent, taxes and utilities. The cost of your chair or bed rental will usually include all of these fees.

How can I rent a chair from a beauty salon? What does that process look like?

Once we receive your application and determine that your business is a good fit - the onboarding process is quite simple. Over a few weeks we'll work with you to provide access to the booking system, sign any agreements, provision your services, prices and service times.  We will even provide marketing content for publishing to your email, social media feeds and stories. By the time you take your first appointment at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty your clients will be well informed of what exciting changes are happening.

How flexible is renting a chair from a beauty salon?

As mentioned you can maintain your brand and promote it along side ISB. In this way clients will continue to build a relationship with you directly, and you can still communicate in the same way that your followers and clients are accustomed to. Your hours are your own and while there are reception hours you can take clients whenever it suits you! There's more. Our advanced booking engine allows you to customize the amount of time it takes to perform a service right down to the client. This means that your timings can be different from all other beauty professionals AND that you can lengthen or shorten times for individual clients and services. You remain in full control!

What Our Pro Team Says


It took me a long time to find a place where I can call home, a team, a family! This place is not only a place where I work it’s a place where I can grow and improve my skill set. Ivonne is a wonderful leader and mentor and not to mention a beautiful person inside and out, with a killer skill set in permanent makeup. This is place where all your beauty dreams come true!




This is such an amazing place to have any service done! It is very apparent that excellent customer service and amazing quality is the focus here. ALL of the staff are so personable and they really make you feel welcome. I highly recommend going there, you will not be disappointed!



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