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The Maple Leaf is perhaps one of the most recognized icons in North American culture and history. That this important symbol is all around us serves as a constant reminder that we are responsible for the land and the environment.  These exclusive Sterling silver maple leaf earrings are 100% indigenous sourced and manufactured by women-owned Sapling & Flint, specializing in gold & silver. Located on Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, within the Carolinian forest, their hand-made jewellery is inspired by the brilliant trees and delicate ecosystem in what is otherwise known as "southeastern Ontario".

The Carolinian forest is a life zone in southern Ontario extending from Oshawa to Windsor. This ancient woodland is now "Canada's most reduced and vulnerable landscape" and has been the home to the Haudenosaunee.

The Carolinian forest makes up less than 0.25% of Canada’s landmass, though it's habitat supports over 40% of Canada’s plant species, 67% of Canada’s terrestrial reptiles, and half of the nation’s bird species.

This important canopy once populated the Grand River watershed nearly entirely. The watershed is currently home to nearly 1 million people; intensive agriculture takes up 70% of the watershed area. Today the Grand River's watershed sits at approximately 19% forest canopy coverage when it is suggested that 30% coverage is required to maintain the watershed's bio-health. More information on conservation efforts can be found through the Grand River Conservation Authority.


Proceeds of Sapling & Flint jewellery sales at Ivonne Sanchez Beauty will be donated to the Grand River Conservation Fund.

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