Vitiligo Tattoo

Vitiligo Camoflauge Tattoo:

  • New Treatments from $1,900 / 3 hours

  • Yearly Touch-Up $650 / hour

It's a fact that Vitiligo happens. The skin can lose pigmentation and the causes are unknown. Pigmentation loss can happen over a period of months or years, and then halt. It can even happen after injury or stress.  Some men and women love owning this look and show it off, but for many the loss of pigmentation can get in the way of feeling confident. Everyone deals with this in their own way. If you've tried, and you're ready to move on and find a long-lasting solution then camouflage tattoo might be for you.

Not Just Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure and a form of permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing. The results may last 1-3 years, depending on your skin type, skincare routine and sun exposure.


Vitiligo camouflage uses a specialized technique that is more closely related to traditional tattoo methods.

Over 2-3 hours and approximately 2-3 separate sessions, an electric machine with a fine precision needle is used for the procedure. After carefully mixing a selection of pigments best suited to your skin small dots are rapidly deposited into the skin.  The result is an incredibly natural, realistic continuation of your beautiful skin, masking unwanted Vitiligo.

Camouflageing for Vitiligo is perfect for anyone wanting to head to the beach, the pool or gym without being occupied with your perfect imperfections.

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